The Mouth-Body Connection: Effects of Invisalign® on Mouth-Body

The Mouth-Body Connection: Effects of Invisalign® on Mouth-Body

Nov 01, 2019

It is surprising how many people do not regard the connection between the mouth and the body at all. The mouth is responsible for allowing food into the body. This makes oral health a big part of your overall health.

When you visit a dentist office near you, it is easy to assume that all the help you need from him/her regards your dental health. However, dental exams tell a lot about your overall health. Anything that happens in your mouth can affect your entire body, and the vice versa is true. A stomach upset, for example, can result in bad breath. In that case, there is more to a dentist’s work that we credit them for.

The Mouth as the Gateway to the Body

Today, physicians are becoming more serious with the examination of body health regardless of their specialization. A dentist has to account for the dental issues that could result in other body anomalies, and vice versa. With a proper understanding of the relationship between the mouth and the body, people will understand the importance of overall health in line with oral health.

The mouth is full of active bacteria. Consumption of food is the initial stage of the relationship between the mouth and the body. Food residue and debris mix up with bacteria and saliva to form harmful bacteria. Without caution, this can cause an infection in the mouth. At such, the body’s immune system is activated.

The first result is usually inflammation. To bring down the inflammation, the intervention of a medical professional is essential. Besides that, the tonsils are the first defense mechanism of the body against infections. This means that an infection of the mouth can pose dire body health consequences.

Effects of Invisalign on Mouth-Body

Now that you know how the mouth-body relationship works, understanding how to care for your oral health is paramount. Some dental treatments like Invisalign® can go a long way in improving your oral health. The treatment is offered to treat misaligned teeth. One of its benefits has to do with improving your smile that can affect your mouth.

Most people fail to understand how crooked teeth can affect oral health. Some of the ways include:

  1. Accidental bites – when teeth are not straight, you are bound to bite yourself frequently. Unless your bite is corrected through treatment, this can increase the dental complications.
  2. Plaque buildup – regardless of how thorough you are with brushing your teeth when they are poorly aligned, it is hard to reach all places. Plaque can, therefore, build up causing issues like bad breath, gum issues, lose teeth, to mention a few.
  3. Bad breath – since you cannot properly clean all your teeth, bad breath is a viable predicament.
  4. Gum disorders – when teeth are not correctly aligned, the gum tissue is affected, in some patients, the gum can recede too far from teeth, making them look bigger. For others, the gums form large pockets that can bleed every now and then. This is due to bad positioning of the teeth in the gums.

Invisalign goes a long way to improve people’s smiles. The treatment is more or less conservative, given that the aligners are not conspicuously visible to other people. Only someone standing too close to you can identify the aligners you have on. This is one of the major advantages of Invisalign. Other than that, there is:

  1. The cosmetic improvement – after treatment with Invisalign near you, everyone will notice an improvement in your smile. The change in confidence will sell it off, even before they can see your smile. This also makes a great attribute for leading a healthy lifestyle overall.
  2. Better eating habits – once you get the aligners, your dentist in Downtown Calgary will be on your case about what you eat and how you eat. For one, you will avoid foods that will stain your teeth and aligners. This includes excessive intake of wine, coffee, tea, sodas, to mention a few. Besides, you will have to quit smoking for good. Smoking slows the treatment and can even prevent it from working. All these changes in your eating habits will go a long way in benefiting your overall health, not just your oral health.
  3. Improved oral hygiene – if you slack at keeping up with oral hygiene, you have to pick up the pace with this treatment. Invisalign dictates frequent brushing of teeth. After every meal, you have to get rid of any food residues before wearing them again. This might just be the best way to fight infection and keep your body healthy.

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