Take Your Child’s Oral Health under Control This Christmas

Take Your Child’s Oral Health under Control This Christmas

Dec 01, 2019

Children are crazy about sweets and holidays increase the level of excitement in them for sweets. Their cravings rise and all they think of is eating unhealthy food. Christmas is one of the major festivals in our culture and kids wait for this festival all year long. You cannot restrict them from unhealthy eating habits at least this time of the year. So how can you improve dental health or keep the oral hygiene under control? Here are some habits for healthy teeth that might help your child.

Brush Twice Every Day

This is the most common tip but it has a tremendous effect on the mouth. If your child brushes twice a day, the chances of oral illness are greatly reduced. The food particles will not produce bacteria that can cause infection or bad breath.

Flossing is Important

If your child is above 12, flossing once a day or two is fine. Make it their habit to floss and brush to remove all the remaining food particles.

Regular Visits to the Dentists

Once a month, take your child to a dentist in Downtown Calgary for regular checkups. Sometimes you might not witness any problems, but the dentist near you can examine and prevent any bad situations from occurring. 

Consider a Healthy Diet for Your Kids

The most important thing to keep under control is the diet. The healthier your kid’s diet is, the healthier will be the mouth. While you might not be able to control their chocolate craving, you can always try out tips for this Christmas.

Dental Sealants Can Be Helpful

Just to avoid any serious problems at an early age, dental sealants can help. The dentist will apply a thin coat on your child’s teeth and they will be safe from any dental problems.

Some Tips for the Christmas and Healthy Teeth

Festivals mean irregular diet and sweets every now and then. You still need to control your child before they suffer from some serious dental problems. Here are some tips to help you control your child this Christmas.

Give Them Alternatives for the Sweets

Everything has substitutes and so do sweets. You can offer some other food items made at home. You can bake confectionery at home and replace white sugar with stevia which is healthier.

Limit Them Every Time They Eat Sweets

Limiting them from eating sweets is not an unethical practice. Being a parent, it is your responsibility to control them. The best thing you can do is set a time for them. For example, you can allow them to eat confectionaries between 6pm and 7pm.

Keep Rewards as an Appreciation

Everybody needs appreciation. You can appreciate your kids for following the rules perfectly by rewarding them with a cookie or a toy. For the sake of rewards, they will control their bad eating habits.

Setup Games or Other Activities

Christmas is a break for kids from school and homework. You can plan other activities for them or different games to keep them occupied. They will be busy and would not ask for sweets or any other unhealthy food.

The Link between Your Mouth and Other Body Parts

It sounds surprising but your mouth is directly linked to all other body parts. It is a gateway to other body parts. An unhygienic mouth is responsible for a lot of other health risks like diabetes. Here is how your mouth and other body parts are linked.

Your Heart May Be at Risk!

The bacteria in your mouth can travel to your heart and cause some serious trouble. The plague reaches the coronary arteries and cause different heart diseases like endocarditis. The chances of heart attacks are also increased.

Unhealthy Mouth Gives Rise to Dementia

Nobody wants a memory loss. Cases of early dementia are rising day by day. One of the major reasons is bad oral hygiene. The plaque can damage the brain. Inflammation in the vessels can welcome memory loss at a very early age.

Save Your Bones!

Your unhealthy mouth can cause osteomyelitis as well. Sounds weird but it is true. The space under the tongue transfers essential nutrients directly into the bloodstream. The bad bacteria can travel through the same path and affect your bones. The treatment is antibiotics or sometimes surgery.

Your mouth serves as a gateway to the rest of the body. You can save all other body parts from diseases by maintaining a good oral health.

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