Sedation Dentistry

Snooze Your Way to Better Oral Health at Comfort Care Dentistry

We cater for anxious patients requiring treatments such as dental implants and wisdom teeth removal or those simply nervous about attending a dentist in Calgary.

Sleep dentistry, sometimes called pain-free dentistry, calms patients and let’s them snooze their way to better oral health. We provide a range of options to minimise potential pain based on the type of procedures you require, personal history and preferences. There is no ‘one size fits all’ approach at our dental clinic.

Options include local anaesthesia, oral, inhalational and intravenous sedation techniques with a variety of sedative and anaesthetic agents tailored for each patient and their requirements.

What is Sleep Dentistry?

Sleep dentistry is an advanced form of dental sedation. It uses a combination of sedative and pain relieving drugs given intravenously to create a dream-like state of deep, calming relaxation for the entire duration of your procedure.

When you wake up you will usually have no memory of the procedure and feel as if very little time has passed. You may feel as if you’ve had a deep and satisfying sleep.

Pain-Free Treatment Philosophy

Whether you require extensive dental work, surgical procedures, have a dental phobia or are simply anxious about visiting a dental clinic, sleep or pain-free dentistry sounds like the ideal solution.

Of course, no dentist or dental clinic in the world can guarantee an entirely pain-free dentistry experience. As individuals, our perception and tolerance of pain and how we experience it varies widely.

We have adopted ‘pain-free dentistry’ as a term to describe our treatment philosophy. It is part of our comprehensive management plan to make your experience with us as comfortable as possible. In many cases this is achieved through the provision of gentle care.

We also use ‘pain-free dentistry’ to describe sedative techniques such as IV sedation or sleep dentistry which we use to minimise any pain and discomfort associated with dental treatments and to treat patients who may otherwise experience fear or anxiety.

Popular Choice

Sleep dentistry is a popular choice for procedures such as dental implants or wisdom teeth removal and other cosmetic and surgical dental treatments. For some patients that have difficulty getting numb, have very sensitive teeth or have an extensive gag reflex, sedation dentistry may also be the right option for you and can help you complete a complex dental treatment in just one visit.

Relax With Us…