Teeth Whitening in Calgary, AB

There’s no doubt about it – a bright white smile is not only appealing to those who look at you, but it can also visually take years off of your age making you ready for that next job interview, school reunion, or another important event.
If you’re not happy about the color of your teeth, professional teeth whitening in Calgary, AB, is an option you may want to consider for three simple reasons: it’s fast, easy, and pain-free.

It’s Not a DIY Project

While there are over-the-counter options out there for teeth whitening, dentists typically use a higher dose of chemicals — carbamide or hydrogen peroxide — than most at-home whiteners allow.

Also, the biggest advantage to letting a professional office like Comfort Care Dental in Calgary, AB perform your teeth whitening procedure is that should something go wrong or you’re not getting maximum results, we’re right here to make sure you get the best smile possible.

You’re Never Too Old

While teeth whitening is typically not recommended for children under the age of 12, there’s no age limit on the other end of the spectrum. In fact, older teeth tend to bleach very well as long as there are no pre-existing conditions, such as root exposure.

All Teeth Are Not Created Equal

Keep in mind too that whitening depends on the tooth, not the product. A good analogy is that the process of teeth whitening is like bleaching hair – not all hairs take to the chemicals the same and can often produce different results. I’m sure we’ve all seen some of the damage from at-home hair bleaching!

If Time is Important to You

Another reason to let your dentist perform your teeth whitening procedure is time. Many over-the-counter treatments have to be used daily for a matter of weeks or months before you see optimum results.

But a talented cosmetic dentist in SW Calgary can give you the same results after one appointment.

There’s No Time Like the Present!

We live in a busy world these days, so why take extra time out of your day walking around at home with a tray or a messy gel? One visit to Comfort Care Dental in Calgary, AB will get you date-ready or interview-ready in no time! Make your appointment now at Comfort Care Dental, where your neighbors go! Our practice welcomes patients from the surrounding areas of Sunalta, Beltline, Hillhurst, Downtown West End, Eau Claire, and Lower Mount Royal.

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