Root Canal Treatment in Calgary, AB

Root canal treatment is necessary when the inner part of your tooth becomes infected. Teeth are usually protected with a hard layer of enamel, but when this outer layer becomes cracked or decayed, decay-causing bacteria can gradually penetrate the tooth and build to an infection.

If left untreated, these bacteria can reach the innermost part of the tooth – otherwise known as the pulp. Since pulp contains nerves, connective tissues, and blood vessels, it’s what contributes to pain.

How You’ll Know When It’s Time for Root Canal Treatment in SW Calgary

While there’s no better way to detect the need for root canal treatment than through a dental exam at Comfort Care in Calgary, AB, here are a few tell-tale signs that it might be time to make an appointment with us:

  •  Severe toothache or pain when chewing
  • Tooth sensitivity to hot or cold
  •  Tender or swollen gums
  •  Pimple on your gum
  •  Tooth discoloration or darkening of the enamel

If you’re experiencing any of the above symptoms, keep in mind that the final determination about a tooth’s need for root canal treatment must be based on your dentist’s exam. We personalize your dental care, because we live up to our motto, “Your health, your smile, your dentist.”

Through the advanced technology here at Comfort Dental in Calgary, AB, we’re able to assure that an accurate diagnosis is made.

How Root Canal Treatment Can Be Beneficial to Your Health

Even though many people believe root canal treatments are something to be afraid of, they’re in fact beneficial to your dental health since an infection is being removed from your body.

The procedure itself can be explained this way: During your appointment, the pulp and nerve from the infected tooth are removed from the inner chamber. The tooth is then thoroughly cleaned, filled and sealed. The sealing process prevents bacteria from getting back inside and damaging gum tissue.

Post-treatment recovery can be managed with over-the-counter medications such as ibuprofen. You’ll also want to steer clear of excessive chewing on the tooth until all tenderness is gone.

There are few complications that can occur, but it’s still always wise to make sure your dentist is using advanced technology in their practice, such as the equipment used at Comfort Dental in Calgary, AB.

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