Partial and Complete Dentures in Calgary, AB

If you find yourself lacking confidence in your smile, you may want to consider partial or complete dentures in Calgary, AB. This may also be the case if you’re missing teeth and finding it difficult to eat certain foods or are having difficulty speaking.

The good news is that Comfort Care Dentistry in Calgary, AB can help you with either option!

But let’s take a look at the some frequently asked questions.

What Are Partial Dentures?

These are typically made with either a plastic base or metal framework that work to support the teeth that need to be replaced. The partial denture is held in place with clasps that adhere to your surrounding natural teeth.

Traditionally, the partial denture has been made of metal framework due to its strength and durability. Partial dentures made with a plastic base are most often used in emergency or temporary situations. However, certain materials are now being used in addition to metal and plastic that have been developed as alternative options.

What Are Complete Dentures?

Complete dentures are what their name implies – they are a complete-mouth dental appliance that has been custom-made in a dental laboratory. When you select complete dentures, you can be assured of a custom fit, since impressions of your mouth are taken after your teeth have been removed.

What Will They Feel Like?

Like most things that are new to you – new shoes or new eyewear – dentures may feel awkward when you first start to wear them. But just as you get accustomed to new shoes or eyewear, the same holds true for dentures. Most patients find that after a week or two of wearing them, their complete or partial denture is the last thing they’re thinking about!

Will Dentures Affect How I Speak?

Some people notice difficulty when they try to pronounce certain words, but with time this too will diminish. However, if you hear a clicking sound, you should contact you’re your dentist.

Are There Options Available Besides Dentures?

In certain cases, dental implants may be an option to support bridges which would then eliminate the need for a partial denture. Dental implants are more expensive, but because of they most resemble your real teeth, they are an alternative to be considered.

Still Have Questions?

Make an appointment with Comfort Care Dental in Calgary, AB to learn which option is best for your needs. We have years of experience with creating dentures in SW Calgary for our patients. Our practice welcomes patients from the surrounding areas of Sunalta, Beltline, Hillhurst, Downtown West End, Eau Claire, and Lower Mount Royal.

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