Laser Dentistry in Calgary, AB

If you’re looking for a solution to dental work that involves drilling,laser dentistry in Calgaryis the solution.

We offer laser dentistry near you because your comfort is our priority. Not only is laser dentistry much less invasive than traditional dental drilling, but the healing time after a procedure is significantly shorter.

Lasers make little noise and do not cause any form of vibration which also makes them an attractive option.

Afraid of needles and anesthesia?

Chances are you won’t need either of them when you opt for laser dentistry at Comfort Care Dentistry in Calgary, AB.

Safe for Everyone

Because laser dentistry is much less invasive than traditional dentistry, it’s a safe, effective, alternative that’s suitable for patients of any age. An added benefit? The healing time after a procedure is much shorter than traditional dentistry.

Pain-Free Dentistry

In most case, because laser dentistry is non-invasive by nature, there’s no need to use injections to make sure your experience is a pain-free one. Patients can get on with their day right after the procedure is over. Laser dentistry also reduces any recovery time that may typically be needed after dental work.

How They’re Used

Lasers represent a technology that’s being used for specific hard and soft tissue applications such as:

  • Detecting cavities
  • Tooth preparation for dental fillings
  • Crown lengthening
  • Reshaping gums
  • Sleep apnea
  • Teeth whitening
  • TMJ treatment

Dentists may also use lasers during professional cleanings to remove tartar. An increasing number of dental practices will continue to use lasers as the technology continues to advance and the associated costs decrease.

An Aid to Reduce Anxiety

Over time, dental lasers may make it possible for dentists to access any part of a tooth. This will then replace the need for the traditional dental drill. Because of the advantages associated with dental lasers, their use will help relieve the fear and anxiety many people experience when they go to the dentist, thereby possibly reducing the need for sedation dentistry in certain patients.

Safety First

The lasers used at Comfort Care Dentistry in Calgary, AB have all been approved for dental use, are extremely safe, and can be used for pinpoint accuracy so surrounding tissue is not impacted.

Want to learn more? Contact us today to learn how we can give you an award-winning smile without pain or anxiety. Your comfort is our priority! Our practice welcomes patients from the surrounding areas of Sunalta, Beltline, Hillhurst, Downtown West End, Eau Claire, and Lower Mount Royal.

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