Family Dentistry in Calgary, AB

If you’ve been looking for a new dentist recently, you may have run across two types: general dentistry and family dentistry.

But if you’re single, without a household family, you may be thinking that you can’t go to a family dentist.

That’s not the case, and here’s why.

What’s the Difference?

Just like a general dentist who has a primary goal of helping you maintain a happy, healthy smile, a family dentist such as Comfort Care Dentistry in Calgary, AB has the same.

Whether they’re teaching a toddler the proper techniques to brush or an elderly patient the best way to maintain the health of their gums, a family dentist is equipped to provide dental care to all age groups.

A family dentist like Comfort Care Dentistry is focused on one goal – to provide you with the best treatment available for your oral health and the preservation of your smile – one of your most important assets!

Specialized Training

Family dentists are often specially trained through two additional years of their residency in dentistry for infants, children, teens, and children with special needs.

In addition, family dentists like Comfort Care Dentistry in Calgary, AB use specialized equipment in their offices that’s been designed for children.

Type of Services Provided

Both general and family dentists, including Comfort Care Dentistry in Calgary, AB can provide services in the following areas:

Making the Decision

When choosing a new dentist, you’re making a very important decision for either yourself (if you’re single) or for your whole family.

But the decision doesn’t have to be hard. Sure, it may take a little research on your part to decide which dentist is right for you since there can be many to choose from, but between the advanced technology and family-friendly professionals at Comfort Care Dentistry in Calgary, AB we’re equipped to be your one-stop shop for all your dental needs. Our care is tailored to you personally. Your health, your smile, your dentist.

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