How Gum Disease Could Impact Your Overall Health

How Gum Disease Could Impact Your Overall Health

May 16, 2019

Periodontal disease can be harmful to teeth, gum and its structure. Gum disease must be detected at the right stage and right treatment must be obtained without any delay. It does not only affect dental health but can also cause further health issues, if left untreated. It has direct Mouth-Body Connection and it can further lead to chronic health conditions.
Some of the ways with which gum disease can actually affect the overall health can be:


People prone to diabetes are more likely to get prone to dental issues. Additionally, any periodontal disease may increase the overall blood sugar level in the body which may lead to diabetes. By increasing the probability of serious diabetic complication, it makes it difficult to manage. It is difficult for patients of gum disease to control glucose in blood. It is thus necessary for diabetes patient to maintain proper oral health and hygiene.

Pregnancy complications

Periodontal disease is equally harmful to pregnant ladies. Pregnant ladies are more likely to get prone to gum disease and their hormone fluctuations are to be blamed for this. With infection in gum, pregnant women may face issues of premature delivery. She may also have an increased risk of preeclampsia. In case of early signs of gum disease, a pregnant woman must not delay her visit to the dentist to know better solutions.

Heart disease

People who suffer from gum disease are more likely to get prone to heart disease. This is because oral bacteria caused due to gum disease can enter the coronary arteries which can directly affect the heart health. This may also lead to swelling of arteries.

Respiratory disease

Gum disease may also cause chronic respiratory issues. The oral bacteria caused due to this issue enter directly into the respiratory tract while breathing and may cause bacterial infection. If this problem exceeds, it may also lead to worse health conditions like pneumonia, emphysema, and COPD. This is directly related to a compromised immune system and inflammation as well.

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