Healthy Mouth, Healthy Body

Healthy Mouth, Healthy Body

Apr 01, 2019

When we talk about the oral care then we just think about oral but that is not the case. As our body is connected with teeth in the same way health issues are related to oral problems as well. If you talk at Comfort Care Dental (Calgary) then they will tell you what kind of health problems you can face. Following are a few ways as to how oral health affects your overall health-

Heart disease: Feeling shocked? Yes, a bad oral health condition can lead to heart disease. Some doctors believe that there is some relation between periodontists and heart diseases. The main reason behind this is that some of the oral bacteria have been found in the heart as well.

Gut problem: This is another problem which occurs because of bad oral habits. People who have good habits of cleaning their teeth properly and regularly have lesser chances of becoming a victim to the gut problems as compared to those who don’t.

Pre-mature birth: One another issue what we can say is that of pre-mature birth because periodontal issues are associated with inflammation. This can create a problem in pregnant women. You should make sure to get a complete check-up of teeth from the dentist as well.

Dementia:You might face the problem of dementia because of bad oral condition too. This is not confirmed yet but many studies say that it has a relation with dementia as well.

Diabetes: When you have a dental problem, your body is fighting with a bad bacteria or infection. In this situation, it becomes very difficult to control your sugar level and convert sugar into insulin. So this might create the problem of diabetes.

Respiratory infection: This is one of the highest possible situation, which would be affected by the oral problem. If you have an oral problem then it may lead to problems in your respiratory system and cause an infection.

There are many diseases associated with oral health problem but if you take care of it then you will get the perfect and healthy teeth. This does not stop here. You will also get social acceptance and build your confidence at a higher level. So keep your teeth healthy and get a regular check-up from the Comfort Care Dental (Calgary).

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