Do You Derive Any Benefits from Dentures?

Do You Derive Any Benefits from Dentures?

Dec 01, 2021

Have you lost all your teeth to periodontal disease or had them extracted for any other reason? The tooth loss would have left you with a toothless grin beside the lack of ability to eat the foods you love and smile before your friends and family members. You might consider tooth replacement solutions but might decide to favour a conservative option that doesn’t need extensive surgical procedures or expenses to replace your natural teeth. Therefore you help yourself by learning how dentures can restore the benefits you lost after getting your teeth extracted.

Dentures have been around for quite some time and have proven themselves as reliable replacement solutions for missing teeth. Dentures are artificial teeth fabricated to replace the missing teeth in your mouth. Whether you have had all your teeth extracted or some teeth remaining in your mouth, you can return them with dentures. Dentures do not have an alien appearance and will appear and function like your natural teeth. You can select different types of dentures to suit your unique situation by working with a prosthodontist providing dentures near me.

Are Dentures the Only Alternatives to Replace Missing Teeth?

When you start searching for tooth replacement solutions, you will likely notice options like dental implants and bridges also offered by many dental professionals. However, dental bridges require at least two natural teeth besides the vacant gap for placement in your mouth. Dental implants are standalone applications offered to you by dentists as overdentures if you want to have an entire arch of teeth in the upper or lower jaw replaced with a durable option.

Getting overdentures requires a surgical process when tiny titanium posts are embedded in your jawbone to hold your replacement teeth. However, you don’t need one implant for every missing tooth because new technology allows the Calgary dentist to provide an entire arch of teeth held by four or six implants in your mouth. You can also receive your artificial teeth on the same day of the implant placement procedure. However, you must remember they are temporary replacements and may need adjustments until your jawbone heals from the surgical procedure. After recovering, your jawbone will have a stable and durable set of artificial teeth in your mouth as replacements for your natural teeth.

Alternatively, you can choose between complete and partial dentures depending on the kind of replacement you want for your specific situation. For example, suppose you had all your teeth extracted. In that case, the dentist offers you complete dentures fabricated after taking impressions of your mouth using plastic or gum-coloured base and artificial teeth held in place over them.

If you have a few missing teeth with the rest remaining intact, you don’t need complete dentures but can request partial dentures from the Calgary dentist who will happily provide them, making them appear like your natural teeth to offer you the benefits you lost with tooth loss.

Do You Derive Any Benefits from Dentures?

When you experience tooth loss, you find yourself at a significant disadvantage because you lose your mouth’s functionality and ability to eat and speak correctly. Simultaneously jawbone loss also begins to occur, leaving you with a sagging appearance, making you appear older. The lack of ability to nourish yourself precisely affects your overall health causing various other issues that need attention from different medical professionals.

When you choose to replace your teeth with dentures, you restore all the abilities you lost with the natural teeth. Besides fixing your mouth’s functionality, the benefits of dentures make it possible for you to have artificial teeth in your mouth to display your smile without worrying about a toothless grin. In addition, dentures restore your ability to eat and speak without confronting significant challenges like you did without teeth in your mouth.

Dentures are not bulky replacements for natural teeth. On the contrary, present-day materials and technology are unlike their counterparts earlier and a fabricated from natural-looking lightweight materials to complement your smile and prevent facial sagging because of jawbone loss.

Best of all, dentures are the most affordable option available to replace missing teeth compared to dental implants or bridges crossing thousands of dollars. Dentures also give you a removable option helping you remove the dental prosthetic from your mouth if you don’t relish the thought of wearing dentures throughout the day and night

When considering dentures for replacing missing teeth to help yourself by discussing your requirement with the Calgary dentist to determine which type of denture best suits your needs. The dentist will happily explain dental benefits to you before measuring your mouth and getting your dentures custom fabricated at their office. You may have to visit the dentist repeatedly during the initial stages. However, it is a small price to pay for the convenience and comfort you get out of a reliable tooth replacement solution.

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