Connection Between Oral Health and Invisalign

Connection Between Oral Health and Invisalign

Sep 01, 2019

All of us wish to have uncompromised oral health but not everyone is able to achieve it. People believe that maintaining good teeth and gums is important only for our oral health. However, the fact is that our oral health has implications on our overall health as well. The effects on body can be seen in the form of diabetes, kidney issues, cardiac ailments, and pre-term birth. A dentist can have a look at your mouth and tell about your medical condition as your mouth speaks volumes. Maintaining oral health becomes more important when you are wearing any dental appliance such as dentures, bridges, or Invisalign.

Invisalign and Oral Health

Invisalign is a revolutionary treatment meant for teeth straightening. It is different from traditional braces as it is made of clear plastic which makes it aesthetically appealing. Not just that, it also takes lesser duration for the treatment to get completed. They are suitable for adults and teenagers who were skeptical of getting teeth straightened because of embarrassment associated with conventional braces.

The Invisalign is removable which means you can remove them while brushing, flossing, and having food. You need to wear them for at least 22 hours a day to achieve the desired results. Let’s explore how to take care of the Invisalign trays and your oral health so that you can have a healthy journey towards straighter teeth.

  • Oral Hygiene Routine

Your oral hygiene routine needs to be no different than your usual routine. You must take some time for flossing your teeth daily and spending 2 minutes for brushing, explains the dentist in Calgary. Also, hold the brush at 45 degree angle against the gum line making gentle strokes.

  • Cleaning the Aligners

It’s important that you clean the aligners as well and not just your teeth. Just like you handle your lenses, you must be careful with your aligners as well. Wash your hand properly before handling them. Use a soft brush and mild toothpaste for cleaning the inside and outside of the aligners. You must rinse the trays properly but avoid using hot water as it can warp the aligner. Also, avoid using denture cleaners and mouthwashes.

  • Brushing Teeth After Meals

It is important to brush your teeth after every meal that you have and before you wear the aligners back. If you don’t brush your teeth, the food debris will attract bacteria which will then create acid and plaque which is harmful for your teeth. In fact, your teeth will become the breeding ground for bacteria. Thus, you must always clean your mouth before wearing the aligners.

  • Removing and Wearing Invisalign Trays

For removing the aligners, make use of the finger to pull the tray from inner side of the back molar. This should be done for both sides to take off the aligner. Use your fingers only as using objects can damage the aligners.

Side Benefits of Invisalign

We all have learnt by now the ample benefits of Invisalign but there is yet another benefit associated with them which is weight loss. Many people share their Invisalign Weight Loss Before and After pictures and the difference is drastic. Wondering how Invisalign can help in losing weight? Let’s have a look.

When an individual wears Invisalign, the dentist asks them to wear the aligners for at least 20 to 22 hours for achieving fast and effective results. Also, when they need to have a meal, they need to remove the aligners. This kind of aligners limits your food intake. You won’t be snacking all day and drinking beverages just like you did with your natural teeth as it would be a task to remove the aligners every time you snack or drink and then brush your teeth before wearing them back.

Anyone who wears aligners will need to have a fulfilling and healthy breakfast so that they can avoid snacking and hunger pangs. They can drink as much water as they want which will again make them feel fuller and keep them hydrated. Thus, their food intake will be confined to only 3 meals a day i.e. breakfast, lunch, and dinner with healthy food choices which will lead to weight loss in a healthy way. For any dental problems, visit our dentist office near you.

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