Are You Taking Care Of Your Gums?

Are You Taking Care Of Your Gums?

Jun 01, 2019

Today we will be discussing about a unique topic i.e. healthy gums and healthy mouth. Did you know that proper dental care can lead to major health benefits and lack of it can lead to health issues that can cost you some money?

My Gum Struggle

In the past, I have struggled with receding gum lines and gingivitis which exposed my roots. It’s quite painful. Though you can’t heal it, you can prevent it from receding further. Since then I had been maintaining a good dental routine which helps in managing the receding gum lines.

The Mouth-Body Connection

Most of our dental care routine is focused on taking care of the teeth but do we give equal importance to our gums

Our mouths are full of complex bacteria known as oral microbiome says the dentist near Calgary. When these species are in balance, the gums are protected from disease causing bacteria. But disturbing this balance provides opening for pathogens to invade and leads to periodontal disease which disrupts the bacterial balance. It’s important to kill the bad bacteria which cause inflammation.

Over the period of years, people with gum disease are found to be at higher risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, chronic respiratory disease, pregnancy complications and dementia which shows that there is a mouth-body connection.

A Toothpaste Focused on Gums?

However, the good news is that now you can use a new product for protecting your gum health- Crest Gum Detoxify Toothpaste. It’s a special toothpaste that reaches below the gum line and significantly improves gum health leading to clinically proven healthier gums.

What Does This Have to Do with Being Thrifty?

Being thrifty is not being cheap but using the money wisely. Investing in your health is like a long-term health and financial benefit. Why not invest money wisely at present to avoid expensive treatments in future?

Do Something for Your Gums

Just like your teeth care routine, you need to develop a gum care routine to prevent them from diseases and protecting your overall health. Visit our dentist in Downtown Calgary for dental problems by scheduling an appointment with us.

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